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This beautiful Healing Stained Glass Crescent Moon is adorned with wire work accents, wavy foil edging and glass beads but its the Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal pendant that makes this piece so special as it offers so many healing, spiritual properties.

The quartz charm is a locally sourced, wire wrapped Herkimer Diamond pendant.  The pendant was made by a very talented local artist Emily Massarotti-Morris who specializes in jewelry making and wire wrapping. 

Herkimer Diamonds have always been well sought after throughout my childhood and are native to our local area here in Herkimer County, NY.  These diamonds are so special and I'm so proud to be able to feature a local artist and offer these perfect little gems with our beautiful Crescent Moons!

Measures 6" Long not including length of chain.  With chain measures 10" long.


Quartz is said to enhance spiritual growth, spirituality, awareness, and wisdom. Its also increases inspiration and creativity. It's said to help with concentration.  Quartz is a stone of harmony!


This Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal has been cleaned and is ready to be programmed with your own positive energy!


"Quartz and its healing properties

The crystalline structure is believed to contain information, making the crystal highly programmable, meaning it can be programmed on purpose.

Crystal quartz is also known as the Spirit Stone because it is believed to improve our connection between the spiritual and physical worlds by containing light across the entire color spectrum.

It increases the clarity of thought and sharpness of perception, loosens blocked emotions, strengthens and strengthens the aura, brings calm, increases the energy level, and brings spiritual peace."


"Positive energy and quartz

For this reason, it is strongly recommended to immediately program a new clear quartz crystal with positive energy.

The programming of a clear quartz stone sends soothing vibrations through the body and mind and gives its power as it indicates its meaning.

Correctly programmed clear - quartz crystals and gemstones will radiate positive energies from the back of the room.

The clear - quartz meaning is partly based on the belief that it is a supreme gift from " Mother Earth". Spiritual information taken from


Healing Stained Glass Crescent Moon w/Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals

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