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Im sorry my website would not let me upload more than one document for customer download at a time so you will also find a seperate file for the directions to this pattern available on a seperate download or I posted them below as well.  The directions are also free to download.


Valentines Gnome Pattern

Created 1/2022

Renee’s Stained Glassworks


The nose #4 and the #3 heart both sit on top of the glass and are tacked onto solder lines.


The swirls on the hat are made with 18 gauge tinned copper wire and the beard is made with 20 gauge tinned copper wire that I crinkled to give it a wispy look.  (the tinned copper wire is available on my website)


If you are unable to cut the heart out of #6 without a saw it would work just to cut the entire beard out along the dotted line and put heart #5 on top of the glass.  If you do this you may want to move the heart in closer to the center, attach to the nose and solder line at the base of the hat plus tack to the outer edges of the glass to give it an extra firm hold.


#10 heart can be attached w/copper rod or 14 ga. straightened wire.


A little tip….when adding your pieces to the top of the glass be sure to clean and patina first then attach last.  You do not want liquid getting in between the glass.  You can back over your tack spots with a small q-tip that has been wetted with the patina.  Make sure your q-tip is not overly saturated the goal is not to get liquid in between glass.  Wipe excess patina off with a wet vinegar soaked rag.


Words, sayings & pictures can be added to your hearts using enamel paint, sharpie marker or you can etch designs using the micro engraver.  (the micro-engraver is also available on my website).


The wavy copper foil and ball edging are also available on my website.

Valentine Love Gnome Pattern

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